A full newsletter will be sent on Friday with news about Squash, Tennis, coaching and other events and Club related matters.

Meanwhile, the Club’s AGM took place last Friday. We will publish the Minutes of the meeting and they will be posted onto the Notice Board or, should you wish to see a copy, please let Kim know and she’ll be happy to email or send a copy for your perusal.

Our President, Martin Tinsley and Club Manager, Kim, presided over the election and these are the results as per the proxy votes and votes received at the AGM itself.

The election was to seek four appointments to the Board from five nominated candidates. The votes were counted and verified. The results are as follows:-

Nigel Oakley 49

Richard Noel 111

Nick Gough 135

Victoria Kunzer 141

James Max 142

James Max, Victoria Kunzer, Nick Gough and Richard Noel were formerly re-elected as Directors of the Club for a three-year term.

The Board wishes to extend their thanks to all of you who voted, turned up at the AGM and indeed to Nigel Oakley for standing. The Board also hopes that Nigel will wish to continue with his role on the Committee.

Also, you’ll notice when you next pop into the Club how wonderful the flowers look. Once again Ann Towler has gone above and beyond to plant up our tubs and troughs with the most colourful floral display. In ‘Club Colours’ too. Thank you Ann!

And I am delighted to be able to write to you, once again, as your Club Chairman.

There’s a lot to do. We have a Board meeting coming up. We’ll be identifying the projects we need to prioritise, the things that need to be done and to set out our plans for the coming months ahead. Don’t worry, we won’t be sitting on our hands as there is much to do!

Another key aspect is to set out how our General and Sports Committees will work and the skills we are seeking to fill with additional appointments. We are delighted that the following have expressed a willingness to continue with or join our Committee. Their selection was ratified at the AGM:-

Gavin Downing

Jack Bruce

John Kilby

Ann Evander

Richard Everett

Bill Greeno

As I mentioned in my last email, Clare Young has stepped down from the Committee due to time pressures but she’s agreed to remain as the Club’s Match Secretary. In addition she and Shiho Main will continue with their roles as Safeguarding Officers for the Club. Thanks to you both! And also Wendy Dawson is stepping down from the Committee and our thanks go to her too.

Whilst we have a myriad of smaller projects to attend to and a range of organisational matters to resolve, we have one very significant project that we MUST address. That of the Clubhouse Thatch. At the AGM I was able to announce that as the result of a very significant donation, we have now raised half of the £95,000 we need to raise to undertake the thatching works for our Clubhouse. This is a significant step forward. The works proposed will make sure the thatch is in good order for thirty years. We are planning a fundraising campaign to get this funded and we will write to you with that plan in due course.

As always, if there’s anything on your mind or matters to be attended to? Don’t be shy and please do get in touch. Our mission is simple. We are here to make sure our Club not only survives but thrives. Our four pillars to be Contemporary, Retrospective, Welcoming and Proud are as relevant now as when we first proposed them to you. Those words translate simply into making our Club a place with wonderful facilities that you want to visit, bring your friends and encourage others to join. We hope you’ll have more than one sporting or social reason to come to the Club.

There’s a lot of events happening at the Club over the next few months. Let’s hope there’s something that takes your fancy! Do book up for one of our Christmas party nights or even to join us for New Year’s Eve! I’ll set out the plans and events in more detail on Friday. Or just take a look at the website www.fosltc.com

Later this week, I’ll be in touch with a selection of dates for Friday Night supper nights and a return of the legendary Sunday Lunch too.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the Board, thank you again for your support. Onwards!

James Max

Club Chairman


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