Hello! Yes, I am back from my travels and able to catch up on everything that’s going on. Thank you to Clive Allenby, our Treasurer, for filling in and keeping you all informed whilst I was away and also for kickstarting the next phase of our fundraising campaign. This time to refurbish our iconic Clubhouse thatched roof. More of that later.

It’s only when you are away, that you realise just how fortunate we are. We popped into quite a few sporting clubs on our travels. Only to find tennis courts in poor condition, facilities that were somewhat lifeless and clubs with little vibe or personality. We recognise that post pandemic recovery has been tough for everyone and as we have grown and more of you have joined us, of course there will be inevitable growing pains. We are getting on with improving your Club and bringing it back to life. We’ve made good progress on our initial plans and the vibrancy, quality of facilities and the offer we have continues to advance. There’s a lot more to do and your Board and Committees continue to work hard. We hope you’ll engage over the summer, attend events, pop down and visit and bring your friends and families too!

At this time of year, there’s so much going on that there’s a range this email could turn into an epic encyclopaedia. No one wants that and as our website continues to evolve, we hope you’ll use to more to plan and book ahead. There’s new information and functionality being added every day. Please do take a look at the calendar to see exactly what’s going on HERE. Why not follow us on the social media too? We’re on Facebook and Instagram.

Perhaps I can point to some specific calls to action for you!

Clothing and Merchandise
Our new clothing range has been selling well. We really hope you like our branded kit. We have tried to price it as effectively as possible. As a Member you’ll receive 10% off the listed prices. AND free postage on orders above £50.

Check out the range HERE.

And just on the subject of our Club and its colours and logos. We know you like them but we do ask that you don’t go off and make your own kit. We have spent time, effort and money to develop the Club’s identity and don’t want any ‘knock -off’ items please! If you have any suggestions or ideas for designs or clothing please get in touch to discuss. Similarly we will be offering new designs as the seasons change as well as some exciting opportunities for bespoke merchandise as we get fully up to speed.

Meanwhile we have some beach towels, mugs and sporting towels available to purchase. To see what they look like, do take a look at our display window in the old office as you enter the Club.

This year I have been lucky enough to attend Wimbledon. No it’s not a corporate jolly but as an affiliated Club you too can become a member of the LTA and apply for tickets. That’s what I did and for the first time ever was successful in the ballot! You can join HERE – It’s FREE! All I can say is that the somewhat eye-watering cost of the tournament tickets puts our membership fees into perspective. We really ARE amazing value for money!

If you weren’t able to get tickets and would like to watch some first class tennis, we have an option for you that’s far less expensive. You can come and watch competitive tennis for FREE next week as the ITF Seniors Tournament returns to our Club. Details can be found HERE.

That means if you do want to book a tennis court, please do so online or via the office. And we will be busier than usual so please prepare in advance. The good weather is returning and there’s no better place to be than at our Club!

And the telly will be on with all the live action from SW19 too.

Next weekend sees our Wimbledon Whites with Champagne and Strawberries Tournament on Sunday 10th July. Sign up sheet is on the notice board.

Mark and his bar team continue to surprise and delight. Of course, as a Member, you’ll receive our discount on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Just load up your membership card to receive your discount and you’re good to go!

The Squash Men’s 1st team are off to a great start to the season, currently sitting top of the league after playing 5 matches. Our fixtures list is displayed in the foyer so check out when we are next playing at home and come over to the squash courts to support us! We have already seen a number of other members at the club spectating and supporting us, so it would be great to see that continue.

Of course with continued pressure on fuel and energy costs with inflation running rampant, it’s never a good time to ask for more donations. Indeed it’s always a difficult ask to seek your support for our Club. However the thatched roof does need URGENT attention. Through generous benefactors and funds from our EasyFundraising Campaign we are already over half way towards our target. Please do donate HERE AND save the date in your diaries for two fundraising events. The first is during the day on Saturday 30th July. Details of the day can be found HERE . Please do get involved. However large or small donation – every penny raised will go towards this important project. If we don’t act NOW we’ll find the Club faces a much bigger bill to literally keep a roof over its head.

Saturday 1st October will be a fundraising dinner – more details in due course but PLEASE put the date in your dairy!

Frinton Triangle Tournament
For the first time in many years we are organising a range of events with the Cricket and Golf Clubs for some fun competition. The competition may sound a little bit Potteresque but should be lots of fun even if no broomsticks are involved! Why not take part or come and watch? All the details are on the Club’s notice board and our website. Our thanks must go to our President, Martin Tinsley and Tennis Committee Chair, Bill Greeno for organising and the generous support of sponsors and our fellow Frinton sporting clubs for making this happen. Let’s support and make it a success!

Golf DATE: 22nd July 2022 – 3pm

Tennis DATE: 16th July 2022 – 2pm

Cricket DATE: 10th July 2022 – 12 noon

More on the website HERE.

Of course we have such a lot of events going on at the moment and plenty of sporting opportunities for you. Why not consider something different? Racket Ball can be played on the squash courts. Our walking footballers meet twice a week and are looking for new players to join in. We have weekly tennis club sessions. Croquet continues to grow and our new lawn and practice area gives us some super facilities. If you have not tried it out yet? Please do! Details from Richard Everett and Ann Evander. Including our Club afternoons where you can learn how to play. All details can be found online or via the office.

Our gym classes from yoga to aquarobics in the pool to exercise classes and spin – They’re all available! Just book yourself in! Details are HERE.

Squash gathers apace, why not get involved in one of the club nights or if you have juniors that might be interested.

Tennis Coaching is available. One-on-one coaching and a range of courses and summer camps for juniors too. Details from NEET Academy HERE.

Club Tennis Championships
If you are down to play a match – please do so ASAP! First round matches need to be played by Saturday 8th July.

If you are a tennis player you may have noticed that after an absence, the sea shells at the court edge, are BACK! We have a couple more bags on order to complete the job… Just a small detail that we hope you’ll appreciate as we continue to improve our facilities and appearance of the Club!

Don’t forget that ALL members have access to the pool. It’s free adult swimming (unsupervised) in the am and during the summer holidays we will have lifeguards on duty. For supervised children slots, we will continue to book so the pool does not get over-full. Please do not book more than one slot per day! And all visitors must be booked in and fees paid!

You’ll have noticed that our fencing at the Club’s entrance has been replaced and painted. It’s ready for sponsors and our first two have been signed up and are being printed up now. If you, or your company is interested? Please get in touch and we can let you know the opportunities that exist!

Phew! Rather a lot of news there. I hope you’ll agree that our mantra for having more than one reason to visit your Club continues to be delivered! Yes, it’s a busy time of year and we really hope you’ll come and visit. Please do get involved AND spread the word.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention… The Poolside Kitchen will be open ALL of next week for the tournament and we have a few specials and tasty changes to the menu as we tweak and change the offer for 2022! Enjoy!

Have a great week.

James Max
Club Chairman


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