Last year we received feedback on our announcement for Membership subscription charges. We’ve listened! We hope you’ll continue to support us as we progress with our objectives through challenging economic times. You’ll be fully aware of the inflationary pressures we face and rising energy bills too. We have to balance those cost rises with providing value to you, our Members. Additionally, we aim to bring more Members to our Club. Encourage juniors to join and reward existing Members for staying with us. Our objective is to ensure our Club’s business model is more sustainable in the medium to long term whilst offering better facilities, classes, coaching and social activities.

Easy, right?

Here’s our proposal as agreed by the Board for this year which includes some significant changes and benefits which we hope you’ll support. 

1) The general rate of subscriptions will increase by approximately 10% from the beginning of April 2023. 

Some will increase by more than 10%, some less as we try to equalise rates. 

2) Adults and Young Adults

Reward for existing Members

From April 1st, for 2023/24 membership for all Adults and Young Adults. 50% of the annual increase will be added to your membership card at renewal. Monthly payers will be required to agree to remain as a member and pay for the following 12 months in order to claim the reward.

Reward for Paying up front

If you pay upfront, you’ll receive 5% of the fee added to your Membership Card. 

3) Juniors – Under 16’s

We have removed 13 categories of junior and mini Membership and will have just one ‘Junior Membership’.

The annual fee will be £84 and include the ability to play all sports at the Club. Tennis, squash, racquetball, swim and croquet. The lot! We do have some conditions that apply.

* Under 16’s cannot use the gym or attend fitness classes. 

* Under 16’s may use grass courts 11 – 16 (subject to weather conditions and croquet using Court 16)

* If all other courts are booked, Under 16’s may play on grass courts 1 – 10 (other than show courts which applies to all members) if accompanied by an adult (Member or temporary Member) if there is availability.

* Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult Member to play croquet.

* Under 16’s may only swim, as usual, subject to booking a space for the lifeguard sessions. 

5) The discount for family membership will remain at 10% (terms apply) 

6) Member fees (if not AAA, Life or Gym + classes) for fitness classes will remain at £5. Non-member rates for classes and swim will increase from £6 to £7.

7) The Young Adult category of membership, where discounts apply, is 16 – 29

8) Temporary fees will increase by 10%

We’ll be posting all the details on the website. You can see those HERE.

Please direct any questions via Kim who will be happy to assist.

James Max

Club Chairman 

Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club Board


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