The weather got broken this week. We’re trying to see if we can fix it. We’d all like a few more decent days before the summer comes to an end. I’ve already been in touch with my people. They’ve put in a good word for us. Meanwhile, exciting news…

We can now offer Pilates! Katy, our amazing gym manager, has been taking instructor lessons and has now passed all the required stages and is fully qualified. Congratulations Katy!

So here are the details:
Pilates – brand new and exciting classes are now available! Wednesdays at 9:30am and Thursdays at 6:45pm.

In case you wondered, pilates is great for strengthening and toning, it can decrease back pain and prevents injuries!

Please book early (HERE) as we presume many of you and your friends will be interested!

We hope this will be great news for your Club too. Almost four years ago, one of our strategic aims was to give you more than one reason to visit your club. And we hope we’ve achieved that for you. Our gym is one of the best in the area. For the over 50’s we have walking football. After a 30 year absence, croquet has returned. Squash and racketball are available to play. And then there’s our clubhouse, swimming pool, range of keep fit classes, table tennis, events, amazing bar and Poolside Kitchen. There’s also this game called tennis as well – which we hope might catch on. We have some of the best grass courts in the country for you to play on. And there’s YOU! Our Club is really beginning to develop its personality. It’s got it’s vibe back. As we continue to build, so we hope you’ll get more from being a member and support our activities as often as you can.

That brings me to what I hope you’ll be able to do for us! After all, we are a club where any surplus made goes right back into the club. So here goes… our Thatched Roof Fundraiser dinner, dance and auction. It’s on Saturday 1st October. We really hope you’ll book ASAP to attend the event. Details are HERE.

Meanwhile, we thought you’d like an update on our fundraising progress:

Our fundraising for the thatched roof refurbishment project is going well. Including auction bids, we have now raised an amazing £57,361. Yes, we still have a massive £33,299 to go. So if you haven’t already donated please do so ideally on our website or via the office.

Our unique and exciting auction items have already created a lot of interest. Every single item has received a bid. You’ll have to be in it to win it, so check them all out HERE.

Please book your tickets for our Fundraising Evening on 1st October. Details HERE.

Please donate to our campaign HERE.

Please sign up to easyfundraising (the free thing that costs you NOTHING!)

Fake News
I may as well deal with some utterly ridiculous gossip that has been doing the rounds. There’s an individual who has suggested that our Club isn’t doing well and is to be sold for housing. This individual is, to put it kindly, a mischief-maker. This could not be further from the truth. Your club continues to improve its financial health and increase our membership. There is no truth to this rumour whatsoever. Please do correct anyone should they repeat this nonsense to you!

Proper News
As I write to you, I understand that Colin Minter won his first round match at the national Wimbledon championships yesterday… (6 – 2, 6 – 0). Bravo Colin! We understand he faces a tough competitor (the number 1 seed) in the next round. Good luck!

Onto other matters:

Karaoke returns! This time for a bank holiday spectacular! James Blackman and Bill Greeno have created an event that’s quickly become very popular. So much so, we’re extending the bar opening hours for you. And it all starts at 8pm on Friday 26th August. Some are calling it an extravaganza. I guess that depends how many sherbets you’ve consumed. But it’s a great fun evening and we hope you’ll come along.

Squash coaching
As of September, we will be starting with our usual coaching sessions for Juniors and Adults.
We will be running an extra session for mixed abilities, this session will be on Tuesdays from 10am until 11am and it is FREE of charge! Check it out and please spread the word. More information HERE.

And we will have new Autumn sessions for tennis which we’ll announce soon.

Club Championships
Our Club Championship finals will be on Sunday 11th September. We’ll have a BBQ, have extended our bar opening hours and the day should be a lot of fun. And it could be the last chance to play on our grass courts in 2022! Please make a note in your diaries and come on down!

Did you get a whiff of Autumn the other day when it finally managed to rain? Me too. Conkers! We’ll be setting out our Autumn schedule in the next few weeks. More details on that and a range of events and developments over the coming weeks. And don’t forget if there’s something you want to do, get involved in or organise, why not have a chat with our new events manager, Rebecca and we’ll see what we can do!

And do you think it’s time for some Christmas News? Well not quite! But our Christmas and New Year Parties will be going on sale online at the beginning of September. Should you need some information on what we’re planning, please get in touch with Karen or Rebecca. We had a few enquires already, so if you are looking to cater for a larger number or want to bring your work colleagues along? Book your party early to avoid disappointment.

We will be celebrating this festive season in style with our regular Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve Party, Members’ Festive Lunch and our Family Disco.

Meanwhile, back to now. Enjoy summer whilst it lasts. And we hope you’ll continue to make the most of your Membership!

With a lovely sunny day tomorrow, don’t forget the Poolside Kitchen will be open. That Clubhouse Chicken Burger is off-the-chart delicious (*other menu items are available). They’ll be serving from 12 until 6pm.

Have a great week

James Max
Club Chairman


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