Thatched Roof Fundraising

The thatched roof on our main building is part of our heritage and needs to be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Replacing the entire roof is financially out of reach, but renovating the parts most in need of attention is financially within reach – with your help.

We have engaged Master Thatcher, James D Stock to carry out this work later in the year at a cost of £90,000. Part of this cost has already been funded, but we now urgently need to raise the other substantial part of this cost.

We have planned a Fundraising Day on Saturday 30 th July with lots of activities and tournaments.

We have also planned a Fundraising Evening on Saturday 1 st October with Dinner, Music and an Auction.

We are asking you, your family and friends to generously donate and bid for our auction items online and on 1 st October.

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