We’ve made it. Yes, 2021 has almost come to an end and for some of us we’ll be ringing in the changing year at the Club.

The pandemic has really been an extraordinary intervention throughout the year in one form or another. Yet we have overcome the difficulties and we are still here to tell the story! Whether it’s how our bar operated, the extraordinary generosity of you, our Members, to fund the lighting project and keep the Club afloat, to our online gym and exercise classes, the distanced food and beverage service at the Club or drinking outside or perhaps our furniture pods… And then our return to operating again and bringing our Club back to life! Anyway. It’s a year we won’t forget! Let’s hope the surge in Covid cases won’t lead to further restrictions. And we have to remember that the pandemic isn’t over until it’s over!


A few bits of news. 

Winter Tennis League
New draws are up in the foyer for the next round of play

Please play your matches and mark up the scores! 

What a tournament! 16 players took part competing in tennis, squash and table tennis.
Winner overall was Rivhu Khan and runner up was Gavin Downing. Then we move to the winner of plate final (or losers’ final)! which was Bill Greeno and runner up James Blackman. Thanks to all for taking part and congrats to our winners!

We’ll be holding this again next year and we hope more team players will take part and it’s open to all our Members… Men and Women are ALL welcome! 

Of course, there will be plenty to chat to you about in the New Year. With a full calendar of events, we hope you’ll be tempted to join us for something soon. Meantime, all there is for me to do is to once again thank all of our team for navigating us through 2021 and to wave the year goodbye!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2022!

James Max
Club Chairman


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