If you want to watch the football at the Club AND have some food? Here’s what you need to do: BOOK NOW! Please pre-order by tomorrow (Saturday 3rd) 11am.

As you know the football is on tomorrow evening and once again we will be hosting the event at the Club and also taking bookings for food. Our chef has agreed to stay a little later… so the Poolside Kitchen will be open until 8pm.

In other news, with Wimbledon heading into the second week we’ll also be making sure the tennis is on screen too! If there’s a particular match you’d like to watch, please speak to Mark at the bar and we’ll do what we can to have it on screen.

Tennis Tournaments

Next week sees the return of the ITF Seniors Tournament to the Club. We are hoping that you’ll have an opportunity to watch some amazing tennis on court and that once again we’ll be hosting some exciting competition. 

Please do book your courts via the website and if there are any issues, please get in touch with the office.


And of course our very own Club Championships are underway. Please continue to play your matches and mark up those results… the competition is hotting up! And by all means do get involved in Pete’s drill and other sessions too. 

Croquet Players

Please note that the coaching session on Wednesday 7th July will be held at the Colchester Croquet Club from 3.30pm. Whoop!  There will be a charge of £5 per person visitor’s fee. If you’re attending you’ll need to know that they have a dress code and wear at least a white shirt.

This is a great opportunity to experience play on a full size court. Rich has booked 2 courts for us to use so there should be plenty of room.

If you would like to attend, please email Susie ASAP on susie.john@btinternet.com

And btw, Susie would like to thank Ann Evander and our new member Richard Everett for taking her place with the coaching sessions whilst she has been off her feet. Thank you! 

Easy Fundraising

Yes, we continue to raise money for the Club through this site. It’s so easy to sign up and will cost you NOTHING. Every purchase you make online will bring funds to your Club. Would you rather the money went to the company you’re buying from… or your Club? It’s so easy to sign up and could make a real difference. Either go to the link <here> or just ring the office if you need help. If you haven’t signed up, please do it today! 

Culture and Members 

We hope you’ll agree that the atomphere around the Club is turning into quite a buzz. With so many of us unable to go abroad, we’ll be using the place more than ever and we really hope you’ll be persuading your family, friends and neighbours to come down, visit and to join too! We have attracted over 200 new members since we re-opened back in March. This is tremendous and we welcome all of you. Please keep spreading the word, whilst it’s looking good for a wonderful summer season, we have plenty more capacity for new and existing members to enjoy our amazing facilities! 


Whilst Paul, our usual chef continues his recovery, Ronnie has been stepping in. I am sure you’ve read, however, that there is a national shortage of chefs and Ronnie has been offered a permanent position locally. We wish him well and thank him for stepping in for a few weeks. Ronnie will be with us over the weekend so do take advantage whilst he’s here! And we are sorting out a plan and will update you with our summer plans which we hope to have in place over the course of the next few days.


I don’t want to be a bore, but please do make sure that you abide by the rules of the Club. In regard to tennis it’s particularly important to wear the right shoes on court and to wear recognised tennis clothing too. If children have been swimming in the pool, please may we avoid wet children walking or running through the ClubHouse and please be considerate of others whilst visiting. And finally, talking of visitors, please do make sure guests sign in and pay fees and if you are asked to produce your membership card… please don’t be offended! 

Any issues or problems, just get in touch in the usual way.

Otherwise, have a great week and let’s hope that football continues to come home…

James Max

Club Chairman 


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