Hello!   We have a really important week ahead but thankfully some great news to share too with solutions to some issues we have been facing.  


As you know, Paul, our Chef, is recovering from cancer treatment and he has been signed off by his doctors for three months. The Board and Committee’s focus is on making sure he not only has support but also the time and space to devote to getting better. He is in good spirits and reports that the treatments he has had, have a really good percentage for recovery. With our stated intention to bring Chef back when he’s ready, we have paused his contract. You’ll want to know that we will be supporting chef financially – ensuring he can focus 100% on recovery.   The Club will be custodian of the contract and on Monday, I am delighted to say that we will be joined by a temporary head-chef, Ronnie Hayes. Ronnie comes to us highly recommended from previous employers. Recently he’s been head chef at Ipswich Marina but before that was, amongst other roles, head chef at Snape Maltings for nearly a decade. Welcome Ronnie! And we hope you’ll support him by frequenting the Poolside Kitchen. Yes, I know the weather forecast is abominable but hopefully you’ll want to come and visit and welcome Ronnie to our Club!   You can see the Poolside Kitchen Menu <here>  and find out the opening hours <here> .

Tennis Tournament

Talking of visiting, next week sees our first Tournament of the season, The British Tour. Grass courts 13 -15 and hard courts are available to book by members in the usual way.

Club Championships

Our biggest competition… but you still have to play your matches! A gentle (but firm) reminder that matches not played by the play by date (28th June) will be scratched. Because of the number of people involved this year, there are no exceptions. So please do get cracking!   

Wet Courts!

As I am sure you’ll agree, Steve, our head groundsman has been doing an amazing job with our grass courts. They’ve been playing wonderfully so far this season. He has asked that you do not play on the courts if they are still wet. This morning, for example, he got in touch to say that he was disappointed to see the courts had taken a beating last night. The courts may appear dry on top but the soil is still wet which mean the grass gets skidded/pulled out And dips and bump will form as its soft and pliable. Like Play-Doh, apparently.   Here’s how you TEST whether play is possible… This is a kneel test before play that isn’t political. Please kneel on a cloth on the court for five seconds. Look at the cloth. If the wet patch is bigger than a small pea it’s too wet to play! Our courts need to be looked after as best we can. Please apply common sense. It will be better for all if we only play on them when they’re right for action!  


Last week saw a significant step forward in the works to construct our new Croquet Lawn. Congratulations and thanks must go to our President, Martin Tinsley, for the arrangements and putting the plan in place.   Due to an excellent collaboration between FOSLTC and Frinton Cricket Club (Tony Blake), each Club has benefitted enormously and thanks are largely due to a volunteer workforce.    The new Croquet Lawn site was in need of 100 tonnes of appropriate top soil which the Cricket Club happened to have and which was surplus to their requirements. Silvertons not only lost an order to the value of circa £2,000 but generously provided a truck and driver to move the earth to our car park. The driver, Richard Brown who helped co-ordinate the operation was on site soon after 6am last Saturday with the first of several loads and was amazingly helpful.    The star of the show however was Matt Witham a Cricket Club member (soon to be FOSLTC member) keen to support the cause. Matt spent a long day in a digger on top of a large soil heap, expertly loading the dumpers and the Club’s tractor trailer which carted the soil to the opposite end of the site.    FOSLTC members David Gillies (budding Croquet enthusiast) and President Martin Tinsley were on the dumpers (trucks!) for the day but with a man down, owing to the illness of an FOSLTC volunteer, Glenn White stepped up to the plate!    We couldn’t shift the whole lot in the day and Matt was back again in the morning but without any supporting drivers. Then Steve the Groundsman arrived for a relaxing day at the Club and taking pity, worked his socks off with Matt until the job was completed late afternoon. Mark meantime provided liquid refreshments throughout a couple of otherwise busy days.  Hopefully we haven’t forgotten anyone but a huge thanks to all concerned. The next action is due to take place 26th June when the soil is due to be laser levelled, fertilised and seeded.   


The gym is increasing in popularity, which is wonderful news. Don’t forget our amazing selection of classes. And please always sign in to use the equipment and keep it clean after you’ve used it. It’s not just a Covid thing but arriving to use a machine that’s not been cleaned after use is a bit grim! By all means get in touch with Katy or the team if you have any questions.  


The pool is open and as an adult you can swim unsupervised (imagine that!) at your own risk. Children’s sessions with a lifeguard MUST be booked online. Please do note that the pool is closed every Monday for maintenance (and we don’t want your hair to go green!).   

If you’d like to play or are interested to find out more, of course we have two wonderful squash courts at the Club. You can find out more information or book a court via the website. We are working on a coaching plan as well as plans for junior members too. Meantime, if you have any questions, please enquire via the office. 

Walking Football

This activity continues to be popular and the Walton Swifts are the resident team here at the Club. Of course if you are interested, please contact the office and Kim will point you in their direction.  


It’s coming home. Well, it’s coming to the Club anyway. The big screen will be available in the Ballroom tonight and we will be screening the England v Scotland match so why not pop down, have a few sharpeners and watch the footie whist having drinks brought directly to you? Perhaps you’ll sneak in a cheeky packet of crisps too? Nom! Lastly, I am so sorry about the weather. It’s supposed to be summer and look at it. If it doesn’t stop raining soon, we’ll have to build an Ark! Meantime have a great week!  


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