What a week. Some delightful weather. Torrential rain. Flooded courts. Winning performances, vibrant salsa and a celebrity visitor. All in a week at the Club! And there’s still a lot going on. Here’s what you need to know this week!


This week has seen the Under 18’s Tennis Tournament take place at the Club. Congratulations to Sophia Middleton and her partner for winning the Ladies U18 Doubles. A brilliant win and well deserved! 


This is our peak time of year and as the club dries out, so we hope play can return to the grass courts. Steve has been doing a cracking job to keep everything in order as the weather continues to play havoc with our summer season. Please continue to book, ensure guests are signed in and continue to look out for non members! With so many new joiners and our summer visitors, we hope you don’t mind if we ask you to book your courts (via the website or through the office) and make sure you bring your membership cards with you. After all, you’ll need your card if you go to the bar and want your Member’s discount!

Pete Richmond and his team at NEET Academy continue to deliver some wonderful coaching and courses. There may be some availability, so do enquire via the website for more details. It is particular important that you wear the right footwear on court and please do wear recognised tennis clothing and be mindful of others when in play. The courts are green and the sky may be blue but that doesn’t mean we need to turn the air blue too! Particularly at this time of year when so many younger members are in earshot. 

The Junior Club Championships will be held Saturday 4th September which is the same day as the finals of the Club’s Championships. If you’ve not put your junior’s names down… get involved! The forms are on the noticeboard in the foyer.

Club Tennis

Our new arrangements for Club Tennis continue. Caryll Collins organises Tuesdays at 12pm. David Wood has a Club session on Saturdays at 3pm. No need to sign up, just turn up!


We want to express our sincere thanks to Susie Anderson for everything she’s done to kickstart our croquet programme. She’s stepping down from the Committee due to continuing poor health. Having decided to retire from the Club Committee as Croquet Representative and also coaching on alternate Wednesdays.

We are delighted to tell you that Richard Everett has agreed to take her place and will be included onto the Committee as from this date. Richard will also be taking over as Head Coach and mentor. John and Susie will continue to be present on Wednesdays and will no doubt be able to advise should you need us. Thank you Susie and we wish you a full return to good health! 

Table Tennis

As you know from my previous newsletters, we have a new table tennis table. Please feel free to play when the Ballroom is free. We have dedicated Thursday evenings as Table Tennis evenings! Take good care of our new equipment and if you need to borrow a bat or balls, these are available from the Bar.

The Hall

Recently the Club hosted the Frinton Summer Strings Course concert and amongst all the parents and children who took part, we welcomed Gareth Malone OBE and his family – including Esther and Bertie who took part in the course and concerts. If you have en event, function, wedding or party you’d like to book the Hall? Just get in touch with Glenys and she’ll be happy to advise! glenys@fosltc.com  With Chef returning in the early Autumn, we hope to get back up to speed post pandemic to be THE venue of choice in Frinton-on-Sea!

We were also delighted to welcome the Frinton Summer Theatre for the first of their summer music nights. Salsa was the order of the evening and the wonderful music and vibrant atmosphere was fun for all! We have another music night, this Sunday. ‘The Jazz Slayers’ and ‘Don’t Freak Out’ will be headlining and we hope the evening will be fun for all! There may be a few tickets left so why not investigate or come along? Details on www.frintonsummertheatre.org  and whilst you’re at it? Why not book a ticket to see one of the wonderful shows before the season comes to an end? We are so fortunate to have first class performances and shows on our doorstep!


We are in the process of updating all the squash information as Vickie Prow and our new team get up to speed. And we have our first ever Junior Squash Copper Tournament on Wednesday 18th details on how to enter are on the website. Meantime, please do book your court before play and if you need more details on what’s going on get in touch with Gavin Downing or Jack Bruce who are happy to help! 


Making quite a splash, the pool has been very popular this year. And so has the booking system which has largely worked as intended. Please do continue to book your slots and not more than one in a day please! Adults may, of course, swim when the pool is open but unattended in the mornings. 

Poolside Kitchen

Jamie continues to provide us with a tasty lunchtime menu from Tuesday to Thursday as well as making our weekend offer of sandwiches and snacks for the weekends. Liz is here on Fridays making the Poolside Kitchen THE place to have lunch. 


Last but not least… our bar has been a great success over the course of this summer. Under Mark’s stewardship, with Paige and Jonathan having joined the team for the summer, we continue to develop our offer and hope you’ve popped down to the Club for a drink or two! And we hope you’re enjoying our range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks! 

That’s it for now. Have a great week and keep spreading the word!

James Max

Club Chairman 


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  1. Nice picture of you with Gareth. Great Salsa evening when we were actually allowed to dance to a fantastic band.
    Lastly have booked membership for a week for our daughter and family in August as our grandson is having tennis lessons, great benefit plus son in law can buy the drinks and get a discount.
    Thank you James.

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