Monday 17th May is an important day for the Club. It’s the next stage of the unlocking of the nation and provides us with further opportunities to make better use of our Club. Hurrah! Given that a lot of rain is forecast, thank heavens we can move indoors! 

Here’s what’s happening;

We will once again be able to meet inside the Clubhouse. The rule of 6 will return for all gatherings and we’d ask that drinks orders be made from tables in or outdoors. Our seating areas both in the bar and also in the Ballroom will be back in use. Our new range of on tap drinks are going down well. Our new Club lager glasses have arrived! And Pimm’s is back on tap too! Oh and the stuffed dog awaits your return!

We have plenty of hand sanitiser and please observe the Covid rules!

Also you might like to know that we have changed our soft drinks supplier… we now have REAL Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Schweppes Lemonade on tap. You might also like to know that our project to get the shields renovated and on the wall of the Clubhouse has been completed. They look fabulous! Thank you to all of you who have sponsored a shield and to Nigel Oakley for running the project. Meanwhile, the flowers outside are looking glorious. Thanks again to Ann Towler for putting the displays together!  

The QR code
Try this out! We have a new QR code on notices in the Clubhouse. If you take a pic with any mobile device, you can go straight to our website to book food online. If this works, we’ll be using it for our menus too! If this is all gobbledygook go to the office and they’ll tell you all about it! 

Outdoor remains the same but we can now use the bubble for mixed households as long as the ‘rule of six’ is adhered to.

There are a range of Club tennis sessions, competitions and other activities to get involved with so please do see the sign up sheets or take a look at the events calendar to get involved. All the details can be found on our website. www.fosltc.com

If the court you book doesn’t have its net up, use the other available court in that section.  Please don’t move sections.  And do book before you play!

Whilst we await further guidance from England Squash, we assume that play indoors may return.

Mel Padmore has let us know that he’s retiring from squash coaching. He has been an enthusiastic ambassador for the Club and the sport. We’ll miss you Mel and thank you for all your time, commitment and assistance. 

The Squash Committee will be on the hunt to replace Mel and we’ll make some announcements soon. 

‘Live’ and indoor classes return on Monday. Starting with Natty’s first yoga class at 10am. Natty features a ‘playful’ class of Vinyassa Yoga that welcomes all abilities, mobilising bodies and calming minds to find some stillness in chaotic lives. Does that sound like you? Then book IMMEDIATELY!

Angie is back too on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Roberta starts her second spin session in the studio for the early birds at 7am on Fridays. The Aquarobics classes are featured but don’t go live until Monday 31st May. Booking slots will be available soon. There are a good selection of on-line classes continuing for those who love the format.

Continued use of the gym and for classes can continue with more people able to attend at any one time. Booking is still essential.

In other news… 

Fourteen keen players attended in lovely sunshine to be coached by Rich and we have welcomed 3 possible new members this week. If you are interested in playing croquet or want to find out more? Join in the fun! For more details get in touch with Susie Anderson or the office.

Please note, the next two Wednesday meetings will begin at 4pm.

Frinton Festival
Don’t forget the Frinton Festival is taking place at the Club over the bank holiday weekend. We’ll be serving delicious lunches and dinners, so why not book yourself in? All the details are on the website. Book now! 

Bank Holiday Weekend Dining
Even if you aren’t attending a concert, you are more than welcome to book yourselves in for dining at the Club. We have different menus on each day so there’s something for everyone. And Sunday sees a return of our Sunday lunch. NOM! 

That’s it for now. There’s much to do. Please come and visit. And don’t forget to tell your friends, family and neighbours! We are OPEN.

Have a great week.

James Max
Club Chairman


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