As you know, we have our AGM taking place on Friday 15th October at 7pm at the Club. We will be presenting an update for you and giving you the opportunity to ask questions of the Board. We also have the important task of electing our new Board.

The constitution states that the Board must comprise at least 5 Directors. A term is three years and for four of our Board, that means they must retire and re-stand for election if they choose to do so.

All four, namely James Max, our current Chairman, Victoria Kunzer, our Club & Membership Secretary, Richard Noel, House & Grounds and Nick Gough, Non-Executive Director have stated their intention to stand and to seek re-election.

Our Treasurer, Clive Allenby has been in his post for two years and will not be up for election until next year.

In addition to the Board members standing for re-election, Nigel Oakley, a current member of our Committee has also put his name forward.

Although the Board was willing to consider extending the Board to six people to account for the extra nomination, Nigel Oakley has stated his wish for an election to take place. Having considered his views on the matter and those of the Board, as President I felt it appropriate to conduct a formal election in order that the Membership has their say.

We will be sending out papers this week. If you are unable to attend the AGM, we would ask that you send your proxy votes to the Club Manager by return. Please select up to four candidates out of the possible five. Those with the most votes will be elected to the Board.

It is the Board’s choice as to who is selected in roles after that election. Similarly it’s the Board’s decision as to who will serve as the (non voting) President.

Votes will also be taken at the AGM for the candidates. You may only vote once, either by email, in person or via a postal vote.

In alphabetical order, I have set out the statements as received from the five candidates.

Nick Gough
Non-Executive Director, Gym & Fitness

20 years in Marketing, Sales & Business Unit Management with 3 Blue chip multinationals.

16 years as Managing Director of which 10 years was as CEO and business owner-manager.

10 years working closely with major global clients facilitating provision of skills and research programmes as Head of Business Engagement at Cranfield University.

I am happy to stand again and to assist the Club as its voluntary Non-Executive Director and to provide Board Liaison (Gym & Fitness) under our current Chairman. The transformation of our gym aesthetically and through the equipment we’ve installed and through Katy and her team has transformed the offer. I see it as a job that’s ‘work in progress’ and I hope you’ll support my nomination to re-join the Board. Our Club, like any business, is an entity which takes on an importance over and above any of its directors, staff and volunteers. To that end, as N.E.D. my influence will always be to assist in the delivery of fair, democratic and business-like professionalism in the Board’s decision making, and always towards the continuing benefit of the Club and every Club-Member, Customer and Stakeholder.

Victoria Kunzer
Director, Club & Membership Secretary
I am keen to stand again in order to continue the job the current Board have started. I have been Club and Membership Secretary for the last 3 years and a member of the Club since 1979. The Club is a big part of my (and my family’s) life and I certainly enjoy a decent game of tennis! With experience as Membership and Events Secretary for The Wisley Golf Club and having lived abroad for many years, I was involved in several Clubs so hope I am well placed to continue in this role. In particular we have been able to attract many new members to our Club and we hope to continue to improve what’s on offer and to grow our membership whilst improving the sporting facilities on offer

James Max
Director, Club Chairman
It has been a huge honour to serve as Club Chairman since 2018. I have been a member of the Club since the early 1970’s. Over the past three years, we’ve achieved a considerable amount together. Through the hard work and dedication of the Board, Committee and our incredible staff who have gone above and beyond through a time of considerable change. With circumstances outside our control, the Club has survived the pandemic and is beginning to thrive again. And there’s the Members. You! Your support for what we have set out to do has been helpful and very generous. For all the changes and success our Club has achieved, there’s a lot more to do and I cannot leave a job part completed. I am standing again for election to the Board and, with your support, hope to continue the job we have embarked upon together.

Whilst there is a pressing requirement to attend to the thatched roof, there’s a lot more to be done to increase membership, bring about further change in what we offer, to enhance the value you, as Members, receive and for the vibrancy of the social and sporting side of our Club to continue to evolve. That’s the aim and I hope you’ll entrust the stewardship of the Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club to me and the Board for the next three years.

Richard Noel
Director, House & Grounds
There’s a lot to think about when it comes to our Club and the ‘to do’ list never gets shorter! However the works inside the Clubhouse, on the courts, in the gym and throughout has been extensive. Of course, there’s more to do but I hope you’ll support my nomination to re-join the Board at the forthcoming election. I have been a member of the Club since 1971. The role of House & Grounds is extensive and with my experience in practical building projects, security businesses, farming, and over the years participation in all of the sports that FOSLTC has to offer I’d hope I bring a valued contribution to the smooth running of the Club. Should I be re-elected I hope to continue the successful application and completion of a number of projects including the re-thatching repairs of the Clubhouse, fencing improvements and security.

Nigel Oakley
Standing for election to the Board
As an active and regular tennis player I have decided to put my name forward for election to the board as I would like to extend my contribution of service to the club. I have also been encouraged to do so by a number of members who feel I have something to add to the overall strategy and operation of the club.
During my time on the committee I have been responsible for raising funds and organising the restoration and re-hanging of the honours boards and shields as well as the redecoration of the bar, which still needs to be completed.
I live in Great Holland so am reasonably local and I have time to give to the club as I retired from my position as senior vice- president of an International Group P and I club in July 2017.

  • Denotes existing Member of the Board

Although the Committee is selected by the Board, we will also be ratifying the nominations for the Committee at the AGM for the sake of transparency.

In closing, I would like to thank the current Board and Committee who have navigated their way through an extremely challenging period. Most sports clubs have struggled to survive but I think the way that the Board have stimulated the membership and called upon past supporters of the Club through their historic connections has been incredible and has certainly demonstrated to me the affection that so many people have for this Club.

We have the most wonderful Club that despite the pandemic, is now in the best financial, structural and Membership shape for many years and with an excellent vibe.

Whilst there is plenty more to do, I hope you would agree that the progress made is significant and reflective of the hard work the Board have put in, the incredibly generous donations made by benefactors and the support of the Club in general by a rapidly growing membership base.

The Board have delivered an ambitious business plan with a significant range of aspirations, some of which are hidden from view and can easily be overlooked.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clare Young and Wendy Dawson who have decided not to seek re-election to the Committee and will step down. Thank you to both, who have been incredibly helpful over the past three years. In particular to Clare who, as chair of the Tennis Committee, has put in a huge amount of work to ensure our tennis playing members have had a calendar of events, matches and other activities. Clare will be staying involved as Match Secretary and we want to thank her for agreeing to stay in that post!

I would urge you to vote in the forthcoming election. It is either a form of gratitude to the Board and/or a form of support for our new candidate.

If you have any questions on the process or wish to see a copy of the accounts, feel free to get in touch with me, or Kim and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards

Martin Tinsley
President, Frinton-on-Sea Lawn Tennis Club


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