Enhance your top speed

Designed to train the pillars of athletic conditioning and performance, Skillrun is a treadmill like no other. Developed side-by-side with academic and research institutes, professional trainers and athletes, it takes performance training to new heights.

Fast-paced running. Intense climbs and descents. 30% more training space. Instant speed and gradient changes.

Skillrun is designed for performance running.

Created side by side with research institutes and renowned universities, Skillrun is designed to help athletes achieve peak performance. With our experience as the official fitness equipment supplier to 8 editions of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we bring you all the latest developments in biomechanics and training methods for sports precision training.

You can purchase your Skillrun here: 

Email technogymhome@fosltc.com for details and for an exclusive promotional DISCOUNT Code. Place your order using the DISCOUNT code which will then be applied by Technogym at checkout.

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