Cardio and power in one stroke

The Multidrive Technology™ enables you to select the rowing mode for a cardiovascular workout or the power mode with added resistance to perform power-specific exercises and simulate rowing with additional load.

SKILLROW is the innovative indoor rowing solution that allows both individual and group training. It is the only product capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and simultaneous neuromuscular functions.

The Skillrow project is the result of collaboration with rowing champions, prestigious coaches and university research institutes. The result is a fully connected rower that allows you to perform cardio and power workouts offering a new and engaging experience. Totally personalized and down to the real goals of users.

Skillrow is the first indoor rowing machine to recreate a perfect simulation of rowing in the water thanks to Aquafeel technology. The resistance that is created is gradual which ensures greater fluidity along the entire arc of movement and without kickback on the lower back. The row resembles much more to the one in water than with conventional ergometers.

You can purchase your Skillrow outright, or pay over time after an initial deposit followed by 36 monthly instalments.

Email for details and for an exclusive promotional DISCOUNT Code.  Place your order using the DISCOUNT code which will then be applied by Technogym at checkout.

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