The complete gym in 1.5 m²

More than 25 exercises. Maximum muscle activation. Unprecedented comfort and ergonomics.

Unica is the compact multi gym for strength training at home: complete, comfortable, and versatile, in just 16 square feet.

Arms, legs, pecs and more: develop your potential with targeted muscle training.

Unica’s incredible versatility gives you more than 25 different exercises to increase strength and tone your entire body.

The unique linkage system of the multi gym machine lets you perform more than 25 different exercises without replacing any element and only selecting the desired load.

Thanks to its precision biomechanics, Unica guarantees physiological trajectories that distribute loads optimally throughout the movement, maximising muscle fibre activation and prevent injury.

The Easy Start system allows you to begin the exercise without overloading your joints, making it safe also for beginners.

You can purchase your Unica outright, or pay over time after an initial deposit followed by 36 monthly instalments.

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