Croquet Coaching

Croquet coaching at Frinton-on-Sea 2024

Are you looking to improve your croquet skills or just starting out? Frinton-on-Sea offers fantastic coaching for both beginners and advanced players! With expert guidance, you’ll be hitting the hoops like a pro in no time. Come join us and let the fun begin!

Basic Association Croquet Coaching 2024 May to September

Afternoon Association Croquet session

1st Wednesday of each month 3:30-5pm to supplement the AC club afternoon

Evening Association Croquet session

1st Friday in every month 6:30-8pm

Weekend Afternoon Association Croquet session

1st Saturday in every month 3:30-5pm

Advance booking required. You can join evening or weekend

Sessions by contacting Richard Everett by calling him on 07766 611 826 or emailing:

Advanced Association Croquet coaching 2024

For more advanced coaching dates please contact Stephen Mills on

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