Junior Coaching Programme

Delivered by LTA qualified coaches, using the recommended balls and courts.

Children are taught to play and compete confidently in a secure environment

 6 week course • 8:1 coaching ratio • from £43 for 6 weeks

LTA Accredited coaches run courses for children aged 4–18, packed full of fun games and dynamic training. We want kids to bring all their energy to tennis; no ‘quiet please’ needed here!

Specialist coaches will make sure every child has the best start to their tennis journey in a safe and inclusive environment. Sessions cater to all abilities, so no one gets left behind. Explore the different Youth stages below.

Key points: Although we’ve assigned ages to each stage, this is just a guide. We understand kids want to play in groups and with their friends, so whatever stage they start at, all kids will see progression.

In every LTA Youth stage, kids will be active, having fun and developing skills!

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