Online classes and unlimited entertainment

The best trainers in the world are always ready to ride with you! Pick yours from the Technogym Bike library and set your wheels in motion.

Choose the workout that suits you best and the trainer will guide you, boosting your motivation. Check out your performance data and adapt the level of intensity at your convenience.

Technogym Bike comes with the Technogym Trainers’ on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoors, and Total Body Workouts. 30 days free trial included for 1Rebel and Revolution’s live and on-demand classes.

Designed down to the last detail by our research centre, Technogym Bike is the result of more than 35 years of biomechanical research and a constant conversation with Olympic athletes.

It adapts to your body in seconds, thanks to its quick settings. Pedalling is the smoothest and quietest ever. And that’s just the beginning.

You can purchase your Bike outright, or pay over time after an initial deposit followed by 36 monthly instalments.

Email for details and for an exclusive promotional DISCOUNT Code.
Place your order using the DISCOUNT code which will then be applied by Technogym at checkout.

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