• All matches are best of 3 sets. Tie break at 6-6 in first two sets.
    Third set is a championship (10) tie break.
  • Both sets and the championship tie break count as sets won/
  • Matches can be played indoors or out with new or once used
    balls supplied by the competitors. Contact details available via
    the office.
  • Results must be recorded in full on the draw sheet.
    Omitted results will not be counted after the play by date and
    will result in both pairs scoring 0-0 and a loss.
  • Most match wins decides the division. Where number of
    matches are tied, sets for/against will determine division
  • All divisions, one up and one down each rotation.
  • Interim division winners prizes and end of winter season final
    league standings grand prizes awarded.
  • NO extensions, NO text or email results, all queries addressed
    to the tennis committee.
  • For entries into the next round of competition contact the
    tennis committee up to one week before the play by date.
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